Friday, December 24, 2004

Buster: The Cat Who Hated Christmas!

Our newest cat, Buster, is quite the riot. If he were a person, he'd be the epitome of today's "extreme" (or is that X-treme?) generation, and no doubt he'd ride a snowboard/skateboard and wear a goatee. He runs around like crazy, sometimes literally climbing the walls, and he's fascinated with running water. When Lisa takes a bath, he'll sit on the side of the tub and shove both his forearms into the suds all the way up to his shoulders. He's actually a very cool cat, but much as some folks have to "childproof" their house, we have to "Busterproof" ours, being sure not to leave small, shiny, breakable items on tables or on the window sills.

Thus, I knew I was tempting fate when I constructed our annual "Christmas alter." We usually don't have a tree because hauling one is a lot of trouble if you don't own a car, and the cats would knock it over anyway. I thought, however, that I might be able to build a nice holiday display where Lisa and I could put our presents:

What was I thinking?...

That's okay. He's really a good kitty. But you can see that a real tree would be a real problem!


Anonymous said...

Posted by Devon.
I thought about getting a regular-size tree, too. No lights or ornaments, just a tree that my 4 cats could enjoy in any way they wanted. But, I decided that doing that might invite future bad behavior so I got 2 small live trees in pots instead.
Buster seems like a very cool cat to me.

argotnaut said...

Actually, I hadn't even thought of the hauling and cat damage aspects. I feel bad about chopping down an entire tree just to stick it in the house for a couple of weeks. Sure does smell nice, though.

I recently read somewhere that someone . . . somewhere . . . is offering live tree rentals for weirdos like me.

Anonymous said...

Posted by Devon
Argotnaut: I saw the same story about renting a live tree. Can't remember where that was, though. Probably Oregon (where a lot of weirdos live) =)