Thursday, March 17, 2005

Blogging from Pocket PC: The Geekery Continues

I have been experimenting with ways to update my blog using my Pocket PC in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Deutschland. You'd think this would be a relatively simple matter, but it hasn't been. However, I think I may now have the problem licked.

I want to include both photos and copy. However, the e-mail blogging application offered by Blogger doesn't support attachments, which takes it out of the running as far as including photos. I could use "Flickr," an on-line photo sharing site that allows users to post photos on their blogs, but they can only include copy as captions to their pictures. That wasn't flexible enough for me.

So I first needed a Pocket PC application that allowed me to post to Blogger. However, since I use a smartphone (phone+pocket pc) not all such blogging programs will work. However, I finally located Blogs In Hand, a nifty program that seems to work well once I figured out that to access the Blogger server you have to use this crazy URL:

Then I needed an ftp program that would run on my PPC that would allow me to upload photos to the frinkenstein server; I could then reference the URL of the photo so it would appear on by blog. After downloading trial versions of several applications, I settled on Pocket FTP. Now I should be able to post and include photos like the following: my set-up, with Buster helpfully giving it some scale:

Here's the packed rig. Pretty cool!
Okay, that should be the last "nuts and bolts" post for a while!

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