Monday, September 26, 2005

Zombie dog weekend

Argotnaut provided a record of our troubles with our dog, Buddy, over the weekend. (Details on her Argotnaut site.) So I'll just provide a photo with the epilogue...he's resting comfortably now.

I'll be talking with our vet today about follow-up treatment, but I already know what he'll say: "Continue the meds. Then, rest, rest and more rest." That'll be somewhat difficult when Buddy starts feeling better. Like all of us following a prolonged period of pain or sickness, Buddy will be so excited to not be hurting any more that he'll want run and jump around. This, of course, would be EXTREMELY bad. I hope we won't have to cage confine him because he'd think he was being punished for some reason. But if that's what it takes, so be it.


Tavia said...

Boo-hoo! On my Mac, all I get is a little square with an X in it. But I believe you and Argotnaut if you say he's better. Ramps are good. It's hard to explain to a dog that he can't jump even if he feels OK. Does he have an extruded disc? I've seen some dogs (and people) with fused vertebrae, and they seem to get along OK; remember Uncle Jack? And really, try the acupuncture if you can afford to.

Andrew said...

Oops. Sorry. Lisa switched servers and I forgot to update the address for that photo. It's fixed now. Isn't he a cute little doggie!