Thursday, November 10, 2005

Halloween -- now with more zombies!

I've been so busy with the novel writing that I forgot to post some of our Halloween pictures. So here are four:

Zombie Argotnaut!

Zombie Quarterback!
Actually, I used my Brian Urlacher jersey and a blue t-shirt I had to create a Jonathan Quinn jersey. Jonathan Quinn is no longer with the Chicago Bears because, well, he played quarterback like a zombie! Lack of mobility that made oak trees look spry in comparison, the quick decision-making ability of a sloth, and general "Lurch-ishness." Believe me, Chicago Bears fans were terrified by the reappearance of the not-so-might Quinn!

And to round out the set:

Zombie Dog!

And zombie baboon!
This was in fact a photo that was featured in a New York Times article about why we need to sleep (turns out, nobody's really sure). But the photo was so funny I had to include it. Looks like Argotnaut before her morning cup of coffee!


Tavia said...

That baboon one looks like me all the time now! Well, OK, I've given up coffee since August, and I DEFINITELY looked that way for the first couple days.

liz said...

Looks like me after 8:30 pm, any given day.

Maybe 8pm.

OK, let's see if I can post this time...