Tuesday, May 09, 2006

First public screening

Last Sunday, I unleashed my second two student films upon the public. By "the public," I mean the poor sods who were actually in the films, and by "unleashed," I mean showed to people that I begged to attend.

It was strange that I felt nervous about it, very much the same feeling of anxiety that I had in the old days when I played live in a band -- part anticipation, part dread, mostly hyperactivity. I understood why I felt that way before a gig because there was always a chance that I'd screw up at a critical moment before a live audience. And even though there was never any chance -- well, maybe a slight chance -- that the crowd would jeer a mistake and pelt me with beer cups and cigarette butts, no one wants to look like an idiot and let down their bandmates. At least not intentionally. Usually.

But I was surprised I had that same feeling before the screening even though the films were in the can and all I had to do was sit in the audience and watch them with everyone else. I guess I had the same (probably) unreasonable fear that people would hate the flicks and make fart noises throughout, or worse yet, laugh during the serious bits, or even worse YET, congratulate me afterwards using the same tone as the boss in "Office Space." "Uh, yeeeeeaaaaaah...ah...that was...reeeeeaaally graaaaaaaayt. Aaaaaaaaah...and if you have another screening? Don't bother to invite me baaaaaaaaaaack, okaaaaaaay?"

We had a good crowd at the Grand Lodge, in the regular theater with a big screen and full-on sound system. That was a real thrill. Plus, as it turned out, the films were well received, with a minimum of farting and misplaced cackling. The best compliment I got was after "Dissolving," when one of the people in Rachel's film said, "Andrew! You really freaked me out. You scared me man!"

"Gee, thanks! I guess." ("Awesome!" I thought to myself.)

Lisa took some nice photos, but unfortunately, both of us forgot to take some pictures of the audience during the screening itself. That would have been really cool. Oh well, it's a learning process. Anyway, here are:

Me and Argotnaut

Me and Rachel, my partner on "Valentine's Day" and also the person who set up the screening (thanks, Rachel)

Channing (who played the "Geeky Guy" in "Valentine's Day," accompanied by Katrina, another of Argotnaut's linguist pals

And finally, Jeremy, who is part of "The Unlikely Event" and also played the hand in the tank for "Dissolving," and his girlfriend, Courtney, who pushed the very high-tech camera dolly in the same film. Thanks to both!

I think next on the agenda will be to do music videos for "The Unlikely Event." Then I can have both music anxiety and film screening anxiety. How fun!


Tavia Rowan said...

Hey, dude, you paid a lot for that face; why do you have to scrunch it up in hte photos?? Stop mugging for the camera, you big show-off!

liz said...

I, too, was outfreaked.