Monday, June 26, 2006

100 degrees in the shade

...actually, 102 degrees as of 3:20 this afternoon, as you can see from this shot of my handy weather station.

Fortunately, I had the foresight to call an air conditioning tech dude to come and give our AC system a tune up last week. But even working at peak efficiency, the system can only keep it around 80 degrees in the house. But with the low humidity, it's not so bad.

Apparently this is the first time the temperature has reached triple digits in June in Portland. Ever. Makes you wonder what August is going to be like. As bad as Argotnaut's allergies have been, she's been cracking wise about moving to the desert. But with summers becoming hotter, maybe Antarctica would be a better choice. Fewer allergens, and in 50 years it'll be beach front property!

So how do the critters (including Argotnaut) adapt to the heat? By doing as little as possible. Here, A. enjoys the first homemade ice mocha of the season:

Buster plays "possum"

Buddy hordes all the chewies he's stolen from other dogs' yards on our walks.

Me, I'm finally getting around to all the inside projects I've been procrastinating about, like putting the closet doors on the closet in A's office, and installing our shower water recycler. One good thing about hot weather: it makes cooking easy because neither of us wants a hot meal. So it's ploughman's or perhaps some cold pesto fettuccine.

Folks can complain about the hot weather (and believe me, around here they do) but I still think it's better than this:


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Devon said...

From Devon:

Two weeks ago it was 102 here, too. And, yes, we were wondering here in Denver what July and August would bring. We all quit asking that question. In the last week or so, though, it's been "normal" here: mid to upper 80s. The humidity here hovers around 15%, too.

My new place has a nice, cool constantly 65-degree basement. And, the pool is about 50 feet from my garage. I haven't been there yet this year but I accomplished the first step: bought a swimming suit (are they still called that?). Last weekend I went to Marty's cabin at 11,000 feet. It was a lovely 75 degrees there.

Another sign of getting older: griping about the weather.

Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

I fully cop to being a weather wimp. But it's evolutionary; I get it from our nomadic ancestors. They were too smart to put up with 100 degree heat or 20 below cold. They'd just pack up the tepee or the yurt or the tent and bail! It's only us latter day humans who've become too stupid to move.

Devon: I don't think they are called "swimming suits" any more. I believe they are now called "ridicule attractors" or "liposuction advertisements."