Sunday, August 06, 2006

Back to blissfully boring

Now that Argotnaut and I have managed to avoid the latest potential crisis , it's time to get back to talking about me Me MEEEEE!

A's scare really did take the wind out of our sails for an extended period. It's difficult to a) plan for important future stuff, or b) blog about frivolous stuff, when you're not sure if the love of your life will be alive beyond the next few months. Fortunately, it appears that we're both going to shuffle off the mortal coil as planned: as part of a murder/suicide pact when she's 104 and I'm 112. Of course, first she'll kill me by administering an oral poison that will taste like the best beer EVER, but rather than off herself afterwards, she'll run off with a feisty 96-year-old. That'd be okay...she'll have plenty of good years left in 'er. Shame to waste them.

However, there's no way I'll make it to 112 if I don't take care of myself. So I've been getting out more often on my new Bacchetta Giro:

I put in 20 miles today, much of it along the Columbia River, and got back home before noon. Then in the afternoon, A and I went to a local bicycle shop that was having a sale and we both got some much needed apparel and gear. What better way to celebrate living than tooling along and chatting with your loved one in reclined, non-polluting comfort? Well, there's ONE better way, but I can't go into that because this is a family site.


Tavia Rowan said...

And nothing says love like spandex.

argotnaut said...

Wait a minute, beer _is_ oral poison!

liz said...

And what are those fascinating weeds in front of which you're posing? Could they be amalgrapadamata hydrosisiphyea? Can I yank up an entire swath of them under the pretext of taking a few of the smaller tendrils?

Andrew said...

Young lady, those are NOT weeds. They', I'll take a picture and post it.