Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lovely Creatures

I saw this flower on a walk the other day and had never seen anything like it:

Guess I'll have to dig around for our "Flowers of the Northwest" book and see if I can find out what kind of flower it is. Sure is something, though...doesn't even look real.

Also too cute to be real was this guy I saw recently at the vet:

He was tiny and had food on his nose. He was available to a good home, but that was all I needed after finding out my cat Cookie is going to have to undergo Iodine 131 therapy. Cookie's prognosis is good: his kidneys are in great shape and he's in otherwise excellent health. But it's still going to be a costly and inconvenient procedure. So no, we're not really in the market for ANOTHER pet right now, thank you. But he sure was a cute little dude, and if Argotnaut had been with me, we may have had another member of the household. But as lovely as he was, Kitty I'm sure found a good home.


liz said...

I think that top one is a sea creature. Were you underwater?

liz said...

In fact I think it's a microorganism. Were you by chance shrunken at the time you were underwater?

Tavia Rowan said...

That is a passionflower. Promotes sleep. Pretty, aren't they?

Garrett said...

actually western kentucky university is growing them too and doings some neat stuff to the flower... i ran across 3 in the middle of a field a few months ago in middle tennessee... i went to the FSA office a few days later and saw that wku had them... but never found out the name