Sunday, October 10, 2004

$12.50 My Ass!

Our newest cat, Buster, is a very active and inquisitive boy. He's a riot because he's one of those cats that wants to play with everything. By the same token, he also needs lots of stuff to keep him occupied (maybe he has ADHD?)

I noticed that he liked to intentionally bat his little furry mouse toys underneath doors and the stove and then have fun trying to dig them out. So the last time I was in our neighborhood pet store, I seriously considered getting him a "Bizzy Kitty Entertainment Center," which looks like this:

However, the thing cost $12.50! So I thought, "$12.50 my ass! I can take a cardboard box and carve holes in it."

So, that's what I did, using an empty cat litter box. Not a very highly designed looking piece of engineering, I admit. At first, Buster (and Buddy) where a little confused by the thing.

But once I shook it to let Buster know there was a mouse in there, it was "game on!"

Ha! Just like in the ad! Another mission accomplished for "dull edge man!"

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