Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yup, October 3rd was another birthday for yours truly. I was hoping the Cubs would give me the gift of two...count 'em...two consecutive trips to the postseason. Too much to ask for. I guess that surviving 'til age 43 will have to do.

Lisa, knowing that I'm a huge weather geek (yes, it's true), gave me the gift of geekery: a handy-dandy weather station, complete with one of those windspeed...cup...twirly...thingies. You mount the sensor stuff outside, but the guts are inside, so you don't have to go OUT in the weather to see what's going ON with the weather. Haven't set it up yet but it looks like hours of weather-geek fun!

After the present-openin' interval, we went to see "Shaun of the Dead," the new zom-rom-com (zombie romantic comedy). What a great flick! I highly recommend it for those who enjoy British humour and can handle the occasional gore. Only one scene is truly squirmy...in other bloody scenes, the gore is played for laughs much like Monty Python. The bit when the two heroes are using record albums as weapons and trying to figure out which to throw and which to keep is priceless!

Finally, we went to the Moon & Sixpence, an English pub (just the ticket after watching a movie featuring much drinking in an English pub). Lisa wanted me to try the "Yorkshire fish cakes," which according to a well-informed Limey source consists of fish between two slices of potato, which is then deep fried. I wasn't in the mood that night, but must try it soon.

In non-birthday news, I finally finished my first short story and I'm preparing to send it off. Once I get things cleaned up enough around here to reach "easy maintenance level," I'm going to start on the next story. I haven't been writing as much as I'd like because I've been busy doing investment research to determine how to invest the settlement. Of course, the only thing that makes Lisa's eyes glaze over faster than sports talk is financial securities talk. But I'm pretty close to having that figured out.

D'oh! It's started raining here and my weather station isn't up yet! Ain't that just the way.


liz said...

Wait--how is it that I didn't have any kind of electronic reminder? What kind of terrible sister-in-law am I? Why do I always think your birthday is in November?!

Well, anyway, sounds like it was good, so Many Belated Happy Returns...

Andrew said...

Perhaps you think my birthday is in November because Saint Andrew's Day is November 30. Deutschelanders say you should go have a few beers on your "Saints" day...sounds like a good idea to me.

By the way, is it safe to post with your real name on this site? Is stalker-gramps still lurking out there?

liz said...

Oh, I don't know. Used extinction to reduce his stalking behavior and it seems to have worked pretty well. It seems like he'd have to try to remember Lisa's name again in order to begin following the same trail he followed last time to find me (I think).