Sunday, February 06, 2005

Further experimentation is necessary

Well, that didn't work out 100% well. I can do text posts from the handheld, but unlike working on the laptop (which I'm doing now) the handheld screen doesn't include an "edit HTML" link so right now I'm not sure how to provide a path to any photos that I upload. Also, I had to publish the previous post from my laptop, because once I saved it as a draft, I was unable to access it again on the handheld.

Oh well. That's why I'm fooling around with stuff two months before we take our trip to Germany. It will probably take me that long to figure out how to update my blog from there!

Anyway, here are some nice photos that I was trying to link to from the handheld. The first is evidence that the late winter months are "rainbow months" here in Portland. They are also the "hail months" but we haven't seen much of that yet.

The second is the modest crowd at Costello's during the Super Bowl, which consisted (it appeared) of regulars who were reading and dinking around on the 'net using laptops. I felt a bit conspicuous in my Bears jersey. But watching the game a Costello's was like going to a nice non-smoking friend's house who had really great beer (Fuller's ESB on tap) and great food (lovely grilled panini sandwiches.)

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liz said...

Looks very cozy and Pacific-Northwest.