Sunday, February 06, 2005

Handheld Super Post!


I'm composing this post on my handheld Pocket PC, equipped with rollup keyboard and itty bitty WiFi card.

Actually, I was hoping to post from Costello's Travel Cafe during the Super Bowl half time show using their free WiFi, but their signal was unreliable. So instead I'm posting from my kitchen table at home.

This is a trial run to see if I can update my blog from my handheld. If so, I can update from Germany this spring when Lisa and I go and I can do so without taking my laptop. Pretty cool if it works. The only question is if I can include photos...the handheld doesn't seem to indicate an HTML window in the browser, which is what I use to include photos on this blog. So here's a test. Let's see if I can make a photo that I uploaded to my site earlier appear here:

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