Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What 's an instructor's most deadly weapon?

Answer -- Utter these words: "For this project I want you to work in groups."


Argotnaut and I have discussed why we react to these words in the same way we might react to stepping in a big, juicy pile of dog poop. It comes down to the fact that we usually end up leading the group, not because we're smarter than other group members (although in Argonaut's case, that's probably true) but because we both tend to have strong ideas about how things should be done. Perhaps that's what leadership is, in essence. Like "W," it's more important to be confident than to be right.

I must admit I had my usual "Aw Crap!" reaction when our instructor in the "Art of Filmmaking" class said that we would work in pairs for our second film. But it's turned out okay. We screened some of the raw footage we took in class last week, and last Sunday, we put together a rough cut of the second film, "Valentine's Day." The only real problem was that my partner didn't know how to use the camera correctly when we shot our first roll of film, so that roll is slightly underexposed. It's definitely usable, and I might be able to improve on it with some of the video-editing software I have at home. This week, we add sound, if desired (music, voice-overs, sound effects). The final cut is due on March 8, and I'll be sure to post the results here.

In the meantime, I've managed to create a Windows-friendly version of "Buddy Quest," which you can find here. The Windows version (6.3 MB)is almost twice as big as the QuickTime version (3.4 MB), so those of you who wish to view the Windows version may want to start the download and then go make a cup of coffee or something.

If you don't have QuickTime, you can download it here. It's worth the trouble because I believe it's far easier to use than Media Player. That's only my opinion though...don't sue me, Bill!


argotnaut said...

I have to say that group projects have been much less annoying at the upper-division level. More of the people who really don't give a shit have been weeded out by then.

Of course, I probably shouldn't say that until my current group project is finished.

Tavia said...

I was able to watch Buddy Quest (cute little guy), but Val.Day eludes me. I get weird characters like Chinese. I'm sad to say that your style still reminds me strongly of Dad, with the focus on the trash can in case you didn't know what happens to poop. But at least you didn't troop us all into the bathroom to watch you flush!