Saturday, April 01, 2006

Not Roger Corman...

but more like Harvey Korman!

Last weekend, I finished the principal photography for film 3, tentatively called "Dissolving."

Man, this filmmaking ain't for sissies! The logistical needs of this little three minute opus required me to rent two lab coats from a costume shop, rent a car to drive out to Columbia River Gorge to shoot a number of waterfalls, lie in a drainage ditch amidst a tangle of stinging nettles, stand out in the pouring rain for an hour, completely dismantle Ridiculous Mouse Audio Studios to assemble Ridiculous Mouse Movie Studio, learn how to siphon sickly green liquid into a 20-gallon aquarium, and buy a couple of 250 watt lights from the mighty Fred Meyer. And that's just the main stuff.

Needless to say, I'm having a blast doing it. It'll be even better if the footage I took last weekend actually turns out. That's the magic/curse with film: unlike video, film is like Christmas in that until in comes back from that lab, you don't know if you got a Red Rider BB gun with a compass in the stock, or a horrid pink bunny suit from your Aunt. In the editing lab at the NW Film Center, I've heard nearly an equal amount of "Yes!" and "Shit!" from those who are viewing their footage for the first time.

The four rolls of film I took during the weekend should be back from processing on Tuesday. Wish me luck.

"What's 'Dissolving' about?" I hear you ask. Well, I'm not going to tell you. But here are some production stills taken by Argotnaut with her new, trusty camera-phone. The gentlemen you see are the other half of our little electronica band "The Unlikely Event."

Oh, and on a follow-up to my previous Kaiser Permanente posts, I did in fact get a card and letter in the mail saying I'm covered. Of course, with KP, there has to be a catch, and the catch this time is that they are covering Argotnaut as well even though she has run screaming from KP and signed on with another carrier. This is probably because she was covered under my COBRA insurance. When I converted the KP COBRA plan to a regular plan, I only put my name on the form and not Argotnaut's. So I have to call KP and find out if it'll save me any dough to have Lisa removed from the policy.

But that's a minor case of catastrophe, we're covered. Theoretically.

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