Monday, July 03, 2006

The Annual "Battle of Wilshire Park"

The above phrase was coined by my brother last year at this time while Argotnaut and I were in Germany. Oregonians love their fireworks, and every 4th of July is a battle royal. The time of year is really tough on dogs and Buddy is no exception.

Normally, the best we can do is keep the boy in a room with both of us and play the radio to drown out the noise. But that approach is not entirely successful in keeping Buddy from barking and trembling like a heroin addict going through withdrawal. So this year, we have gotten some homeopathic anti-anxiety stuff. A. is not sold on homeopathic remedies, for good reason, but we thought it worth trying for our little boy. If nothing else, the 20% alcohol content should act as doggy knockout drops, which is probably the actual mechanism of the medicine if it works at all. We shall see.

"Bartender! (hic) Another shot of that homey-pathetic med-sin! And be quick about.."

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Tavia Rowan said...

We have used some homeopathic remedies on some of our pets; they seem (in my experience) to work better with dogs than with cats. Ours worked well for Hazel. A lot of people swear by Bach's Rescue Remedy.
A word of caution: you shouldn't use anything with alcohol in it if your dog is epileptic. It makes them even more likely to seize. Poor Perry, he just gets to freak out. Why don't they make doggie earplugs?