Saturday, July 01, 2006

Worts and all

Upon further inspection, Tavia is correct. The yellow flowers in front of our house are, in fact, St. John's Wort. I didn't see the "many little stems" in the center of the flowers until I looked closely. I assume the blossoms are small because they are in full sun most of the day, so if they like the shade they're in the wrong spot.

We've been fortunate in Portland to have a Spring that's been a little wetter than average, thus rendering unnecessary the worry about the skimpy snow pack, urethra-wide rivers and heavy watering of lawns that has accompanied the season the last couple of years. But now our dry season is beginning, so I'll finally have to get out our soaker hoses and give the crispy plants a drink.

The grass, on the other hand, can fend for itself!


Tavia Rowan said...

Yes! We would have such a nice lawn if we could only get rid of that pesky grass!

Andrew said...

Watering lawns is the most ungodly waste of a precious resource I can think of. Either cover your lawn with blooming plants and bushes, or just let the grass turn brown in the turns green again when the rains return. But no! People have to try to create a summer-long living carpet outdoors and who cares how much water they waste or how many chemicals they dump into the environment?

I remember Steve telling me something that his friend Bill Carter said: "Look at that nice lawn. You know what lives there? Nothing."

liz said...

Lawn grass isn't even natural to this biome. Stupid artificial expectations!

Since TheLimey is allergic to lawn clippings, we plan to only ever have the amount of grass that *I* can comfortably mow with a hand-push mower.