Saturday, July 22, 2006

Crazy from the heat? Nah.

Yesterday, it nearly hit 105 degrees here.

We handle it the only way one CAN handle it...torpor. Buster has this down to a fine art.

The only truly annoying thing is that it's kept me off my new the time my morning chores (dog walking, pet feeding, coffee making, breakfast eating) are done, it's been over 90 degrees. But a few days ago, I did manage to take a nice 16-mile ride before the heat became too intense. The new bike is wicked fast, but I'm not. At least not yet. But with careful choosing of routes and bike paths, I was able to find a wife-approved route back to the Columbia River, the first time I've made the ride to the shore in five years. My handheld camera does not do the view justice, as you cannot see the majestic Mt. Hood over the river.

But once the temps get back down to normal, I can take some better shots. If they get back to normal, that is.

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