Saturday, September 23, 2006

Back D'oh! Man

Last week was rainy and cold around here, so I took my bike in for its 500-mile free tune up in anticipation of continuing training for my Larch Mountain ride. Just as the weather man predicted, the weather cleared yesterday and it's scheduled to be beautiful for the next week. Just enough time to get in a few more warm up rides and then go for the big one. And then, of course, my back went out. D'oh!

Now, I rarely have problems with my back. And this twinge was triggered not by doing anything spectacular, but by reaching down to the coffee table for the salt and pepper shakers. So now I'm walking around like Mr. Tudball on the old Carol Burnett Show..."Mrs. Ha-Wiggins!"

My wife has been chastising me like a little kid: "Keep still!" but it's hard for me to do. But if I'm going to make it to the top of Larch Mountain before the snows come, I'd better do what she says. Now where's my icy-hot? Missus Ha-Wiggins!"


Tavia Rowan said...

Sounds like your health is leaving you in the Larch!

Andrew said...


Argotnaut chalked it up to "just getting older." I refuse to accept that...if I take care of myself, my body should hold up just fine. Of course, the fact that my pelvis looks like a crashed box kite doesn't help. But inactivity is not an option.