Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mother Load*

"182 pounds!" I gasped as I looked at the scale yesterday morning.

Yes, a week without cycling or walking, combined with my mother's "you better believe it's not vegan" meals and, I must admit, a bit of drinking, had bumped me up five pounds. I had been vacillating about taking a bike ride this morning, but my gut feeling (har har) prompted me to flee the house as if Argotnaut was chasing me with a taser.

I was considering a trip out to Crown Point (40 miles, 1100 feet of elevation gain) but 85 degree heat (forecast to top out near 100) and a 20 mph headwind convinced me to opt for Blue Lake Park (25 miles, 300 feet of elevation gain). It was near 90 degrees at 11:30 am when I got there, but the Labor Day bathers didn't seem to mind:

On the way home, I had just enough energy to drag my baked ass into Green Dog pet supply to get Buddy a stuffed squirrel toy. He's been an extra tolerate boy with the arrival of the new puppy and I wanted to get him something that was his and his alone. I think he appreciated it.

Fortunately for Buddy, his stuffed squirrels don't have any calories!

* I know it's mother "lode." I'm making a pun, y'all, albeit a crappy one.


liz said...

I haven't reached 182 yet, but don't count me out yet. I'm actually over 170. And that baby's not likely to be more than 8 or so pounds of it!

Andrew said...

My understanding is that there's a lot of additional plumbing necessary for the birthin' of babies. Although I have to admit that it amuses me when pregnant women shovel food down by the bucketful and justify it with "I'm eating for two!" Yeah, honey, you got another adult in there?

liz said...

I would have to say, definitely judge not until you've been in that particular situation, mister!

Actually, it is supposed to be "nursing weight," but that doesn't disappear as readily if one doesn't in fact nurse. As so many don't.

Andrew said...

Although I find it amusing when women say they're "eating for two," I would NEVER tease them about the second person only weighing 9 lbs or so. It's not a job I would want even if I could do it. Walking a mile in someone else's moccasins is one thing, but doing it carrying an extra 20 pounds and with swollen feet is another. Hell, I don't even like to carry a six-pack home from the store! Third trimester moms have my undying respect. Come to think of it, puking first trimester moms and hormonal second trimester moms do, too.