Monday, September 04, 2006

Vista House Reclaimed!

As threatened in an earlier post, today I did make it to the Vista House. Woo, I'm tuckered this evening. So I include here only a brief travelogue: 1400 feet of elevation gain, 30 miles. As proof of my conquest, here's the new, refurbished Vista House:

They've done a lovely job with the recently completed restoration. Unfortunately, their web site doesn't yet include any photos of the new interior. I guess I'll have to head back and take some of my own. I will say that the stairways reflect an America just prior to World War 1, when Americans were a lot skinnier!

Anyway, here's a shot from the newly opened second story balcony:

The big river is the Columbia, obviously. The highway just to the right is I-84, the construction of which nearly doomed the splendid old historic Columbia River Highway and was built over part of the old road. (That's progress for ya.) The little river to the right of the highway is...uh...some river.

One of the reasons I like this ride so much is that it climbs through some nice pastureland, where one can commune with guys like this:

Another reason is the multiple climbs and descents that offer so many different fantastic views, here of the Sandy River Gorge, the last major climb of the trip. Note house at far right center that provides some idea of the height:

Now, however, it's time for night night and one last beautiful view: that of my snuggly wife!


Tavia Rowan said...

Your wife IS rather snuggly, isn't she?
I mean, snuggly-looking (I'm gonna stop, cos I'm just digging deeper).

argotnaut said...

Maybe that's why foreign tourists have always picked me out of the crowd to get directions from. Even when I looked all punky and threatening.

Andrew said...

My dove, even at your punkiest you were never more threatening looking than
Pat Benatar!