Sunday, April 17, 2005

Excuse me, I ordered a Zima...

...not emphysema.
The Germans, by and large, seem to be a pretty hearty and heath-conscious lot. They walk (with great purpose!) everywhere and true to the stereotype seem quite industrious. But their youth, much like their American counterparts, suffer one fatal exception: a love of smoking. And unlike in America, Germans are unenlightened (pun intended) about banning smoking in public places. Case in point, Star Coffee, where Lisa and I like to go to access the Internet and also enjoy super-delicious milschcoffee and chocolate muffins. When the students invade, suddenly the place becomes fogbound in a cancerous haze that makes our eyes water and burn and our clothes smell like an astray (not to mention what it does to our lungs). But who cares about cancer, emphysema, heart disease and poisoning the airspace of innocent and defenseless fellow patrons when one has a chance to look cool in front of one's mates?

There are not many instances when I can say it, but in this case, "Viva America, you hackin' Hessians!"

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