Sunday, April 17, 2005

Heidelberg catch-up

I was unable to upload these two posts from Heidelberg, so here they are now!


Tavia Rowan said...

Hey, Hanty! We are back online! When I came back from France, THAT was when I got culture shock-- from the shallowness of American culture. How 'bout you? --Tavia

Andrew said...

Hi, Tavia! Good to hear from you!

Yes, it was quite a shock to be back in the US of A. One of the things that surprised me about the German language is that, while I wouldn't say it's a *pretty* language, it strikes me as very gentle. And Lisa and I both noted how quietly Germans tended to talk in public places.

After I got back to America, I was waiting for a bus and a young woman was waiting at the same stop. Apparently, a boyfriend or acquaintance of hers happened by. The following shrill exchange took place:
Her: "I don't appreciate you callin' me in the morning and talkin' shit about my friends!"
Him: (Unintelligible grunting)
Her: What'd you say to me!?
Him walking away with dismissive hand-wave: (more unintelligible grunting.
Her: That's it! I don't want you comin' round no more! You hear me?!

Ah, welcome home.

liz said...

Yes, thank you! For twenty-two years I have been trying to convince people that German is *not* a harsh or guttural language.
It's completely some kind of WWII stereotype based on completely other non-linguistic factors, from what I can tell.