Sunday, April 17, 2005

Fruehling Im Heidelberg

Lisa has been lucky enough to land a really nice little student apartment in Heidelberg in the heart of the Alt Stadt (old city). The room itself has a tiny galley kitchen with a minifridge and a couple of hot plates on a range-top sufficient to heat saucepans and skillets, a private bathroom with kickass shower, and a nook featuring a writing desk from which she can view the building's courtyard and the hills beyond.

She was very lucky to get this room, as she was told to expect a regular (though private) dorm room where she would have to share a kitchen and bathroom facilities. In such an arrangement, the students are expected to share the cleaning duties, a hit-and-miss arrangement at best. I can tell you that if my floormates in the dorm I attended (in the Mesozoic Era) were required to clean the bathrooms and a kitchen, the health inspector would have received an emergency call within a month.

Lisa's apartment is just off the Hauptstrasse, a cobblestone, car-free street appoximately half a mile long that's lined with shops and boutiques (including the mighty Star Coffee, wherein we access the Internet.)

But just in case you think it's all fun and games for our girl, here's a photo of what she's been doing most: filling out forms.

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liz said...

I'm pretty envious of the monklike spareness of those quarters.