Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Heidelberg Schloss

On Sunday, Lisa and I visited the schloss (castle) overlooking Heidelberg. Granted, every tourist who passes within 50 kilometers of "H-berg" does the same thing, but the schloss is like Niagra Falls...once you see it from a distance, you have to see it up close. And it's tough to miss, as it sits overlooking the Neckar river and dominates the hills southeast of the city.

For example, from the main plaza of H-berg's Alt Stadt (old city), the schloss squats overlooking the town in a wooded area that in America would undoubtedly be occupied by McMansions or luxury condos. The photos below were taken with the camera on my handheld (Sammy), which is best described not in terms of mega-pixels but rather "scheisse-pixels." However, one can still sense the darned majestic essence of the thing -- the schloss, I mean.

It's strange to think that people who live here just seem not to notice it...

We were fortunate to have a bit of sun on the day we went, and it's still so early in the tourist season that it wasn't too crowded. It's pretty easy to walk up to the schloss from the Alt Stadt, in which Lisa's student apartment is located. Even old Mr. Gimpyhip made it without too much difficulty. One enjoys lovely views of H-berg on the way up...

Then, suddenly, "look Ethyl, it's a durned castle!"

As Lisa pointed out, the schloss and the views from it just can't be captured on flm in a way that accurately conveys the experience, no matter how talented the photographer or how fancy the equipment. Perhaps one day when 3D becomes common, one will gain some conception second-hand. But for now, the only way is to join the tourists.

Below: The ruined southeast tower, and two views of H-berg.

Lisa's apartment is just to the left of the bridge.
After wandering around for a bit, Lisa and I had a lovely lunch of spinach crepes at a nice romantic restaurant near the schloss. It was great to have day of luxury, because next day, Lisa began her classes.


liz said...

Maybe there'll be an Imax of it someday.

liz said...

BTW, it's really hard to say "schloss squats" even once, let alone ten times fast.