Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Last H-berg days

On my last couple of days in Heidelberg, Lisa was busy doing frivolous things, like attending classes. The nerve! So it was up to me to entertain myself in H-berg, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. What to do, what to do? Although I enjoy an urban environment, even I was getting a little edgy with the constant flow of people and the lack of green space in the Alt Stadt. So I decided to drag myself, artificial hip and all, up to the Philosophenweg, or Philosopher's Way, a lane that overlooks H-berg from high above the north side of the Neckar river. Word has it that Goethe and other reprobates availed themselves of the Philosophenweg to talk nice to (and subsequently have relations with) young ladies. I can see why. It's a good heart-pumping walk, but not too far -- Mr. Gimpyhip made it easily -- and the views of the city are quite breathtaking.

It's a good 12% incline or so up the cobblestone lane to the PWeg,

There are a few little outlooks with benches so one may rest and take pictures of H-berg across the Neckar. None of the photos I took with Sammy really did it justice, so if you want the full experience, you'll have to go do it yourself. And you should. At the top, where one reaches the "Pweg," I saw a little sign which said, I think, "Path to river may be closed in winter." No shit...it's a pretty slick slope as it is, and a bit of snow would make it an elbow-scrapin' trip down...

After scaling the heights of the "Pweg," one may return to H-berg across the Alten Brucke, "Old Bridge."

On the Heidelberg side of the Neckar, one finds a sculpture of...well, it is supposed to be a monkey, and it is, but I'm sure many drunk Heidelbergers have seen this Baboon from Hell in their nightmares:

Next to the the Monkey is a plaque. It is in Old German but Lisa translated it as best she could as: "What are you looking at? Haven't you seen enough in Heidelberg? If not, touch my plate and you will return." Or something to that effect.

Of course, I touched the plate, because I want more than anything to get back to my lovely, sexy, wonderful wife!

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