Saturday, April 09, 2005

The High Life at the Hotel Auerstein

One of the things Lisa I did right on this trip was to get a hotel room at Hotel Auerstein the on our first day in Deutschland, rather than just head straight to the school and go through the room registration process right off the plane. It was great to simply crash for a couple of hours, then take shower to wash the "travel crud" off and head down to the hotel restaurant for a wonderful meal.

It was also really nice to get up the next morning -- well, we were up at 4am local and puttered around for a while -- and have a nice breakfast buffet waiting for us. I plan to do a post at the end of the trip summarizing my impressions of Deutschland, but I'll let one slip now: these folks really like their swine flesh. But luckily for Lisa, they also like their Nutella!

The hotel had internet access, but it was spotty from our room. Fortunately, we had done some research for free wi-fi spots before we left and found one at "Star Coffee." As luck would have it, one of Star Coffee's locations is just around the corner from Lisa's residence building. How fortunate. It's a very pleasant spot as you can see, despite the often incongruous music selection ranging from Cat Stevens to the Doobie Brothers!

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Anonymous said...

from Devon:

I'm glad you arrived safe and sound.

For being strangers in a strange land, everything seems to be going pretty smoothly. . . I could have these minor travel "hiccups" going to O'Hare!